ARES TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. was founded in 1988 by ALLIS GROUP. Since then, ARES has used its years of experience to specialize in the design, manufacture and marketing of the Power Supply Unit (UPS). UPS is used for computers, data transmission equipment, communications, medical equipment and sophisticated electronic devices, industrial equipment and other automation.


UPS ARES Online 3000VA

Backup power for medical testing machines

UPS ARES Online 3000VA, 6000VA is a reasonable solution for storing electricity for medical devices The testing of cells and samples nowadays plays an increasingly important role in the process of medical examination and treatment; Thanks to the thorough analysis results from the cells in the patient’s body, the doctor detected many dangerous diseases, early detection of dangerous pathogens that normal medical examination and treatment [...]

Telecommunication unit

UPS FOR TELECOMMUNICATIONS DEVICES Using Telecom UPS / Inverter for network equipment, telecommunication stations to help ensure all activities occur continuously, solving [...]


Electric storage set for hospitals

Installing a UPS for the hospital is a necessary job – Medicine is growing, the demand for medical treatment of people is [...]

bo luu dien cho thiet bi y te

UPS for medical equipment, clinics

Backup power solutions for medical equipment, clinics, hospitals. – UPS is considered as the best solution, to respond to current electrical problems [...]




UPS and the need for electrical equipment

Why do you need a UPS? It is really important because just a sudden power outage or an electrical problem will greatly affect the life or damage of the device. In addition, you have important data or anything related to documents, software programming, databases…. if you do not keep backup, you will lose power when working. So please equip yourself with a UPS to remedy [...]

cac loai bo luu dien ups ares

UPS Ares – The perfect choice for all types of electrical equipment

We are always innovating products to create quality UPS to best serve the increasing needs of customers. UPS ARES products always ensure [...]

bo luu dien cua cuon 600w

UPS – What is a UPS?

Definition of UPS UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply (also known as a UPS) is a device that can provide power for [...]


Reasons to choose to buy UPS Ares

Even in developed countries and even the regions with the most stable currents, it is difficult to avoid electrical problems such [...]