UPS and the need for electrical equipment

Why do you need a UPS? It is really important because just a sudden power outage or an electrical problem will greatly affect the life or damage of the device. In addition, you have important data or anything related to documents, software programming, databases…. if you do not keep backup, you will lose power when working. So please equip yourself with a UPS to remedy the situation, above all good [...]

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UPS Ares – The perfect choice for all types of electrical equipment

We are always innovating products to create quality UPS to best serve the increasing needs of customers. UPS ARES products always ensure “Best quality”, “The most competitive price”, “Best warranty”. 15 advantages of UPS ARES: 1. They have the function of voltage stabilizer, automatic frequency stabilizer. 2. Compatible with the generator. 3. Real capacity, high performance. 4. Sine wave current is produced which causes less heat and machine damage compared to normal square wave on [...]

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UPS – What is a UPS?

Definition of UPS UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply (also known as a UPS) is a device that can provide power for a period of time corresponding to the design capacity to maintain the operation of electrical equipment interrupting when power grid goes wrong. The operating principle is based on converting direct current (DC) from battery to alternating current (AC) in accordance with equipment requirements. In addition to the main function [...]


Reasons to choose to buy UPS Ares

Even in developed countries and even the regions with the most stable currents, it is difficult to avoid electrical problems such as sudden power outages, overloads, surges, drops, short circuits. . . Therefore, UPS was born as the “most effective solution” when the electrical problem occurs. In fact, when the power supply is abruptly disconnected or jittered, it can directly affect the device being used, such as a malfunction, fire, [...]