Telecommunication unit

Telecommunication unit


Using Telecom UPS / Inverter for network equipment, telecommunication stations to help ensure all activities occur continuously, solving concerns about electrical incidents. meet the requirements in telecommunication cabling systems: reliability, stability, high performance, compactness.


Information must be transmitted continuously, transmission information needs to be transparent, so in addition to improving the reliability of electrical equipment, it is necessary to improve the reliability of the power supply for electrical equipment. , Telecom UPS / Inverter is a product that meets the requirements of stable, reliable power supply.


Telecom UPS / Inverter ensures the voltage for telecommunication equipment is suitable, not too high, and not too low to avoid equipment damage due to unstable power, and information is transmitted. full load, more quality, avoid information interference, transmission of missing information.

High performance:

Along with increasing the capacity of telecommunication equipment, the load capacity of the source system also increases. To save power, we need to improve the efficiency of the source.


With the development and application of integrated circuits, telecommunication equipment has become increasingly compact, integrated. Telecom UPS / Inverter is a compact power supply device to ensure compatibility with the development trend of telecommunications equipment.

Telecom UPS / Inverter ensures current reliability, electrical stability, compactness, with diverse capacities, helping to improve information quality, national security, improve the life of devices that bring efficiency. High economy, save much cost.

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