UPS for medical equipment, clinics

UPS for medical equipment, clinics

Backup power solutions for medical equipment, clinics, hospitals.

– UPS is considered as the best solution, to respond to current electrical problems with the function of providing backup power when a power problem suddenly occurs, UPS increasingly has Important role and widely applied in many fields, including the role of this device in medicine can not fail to mention. UPS is used for important medical devices such as testing machines, magnetic resonators, ultrasound machines, X-ray machines, equipment in operating rooms, emergency rooms: scalpels, analytical equipment, electronic devices for monitoring patients, electronic devices …

– In addition, using UPS also ensures the power supply for the entire hospital system, clinics are fully met, protecting hospital data sources, computer equipment, phones, security cameras. … avoid unwanted incidents caused by a shortage of power. Using UPS – Extending equipment life.


Why do medical devices need a UPS?

– Most of the medical devices today are applied with science and technology, which are extremely important and expensive, the point is that these devices have power requirements. quite strict, can directly affect the safety and quality of equipment, hinder the process of medical examination and treatment.

– Some other devices are quite sensitive to the power supply, which requires the input source to be always stable and continuous, such as testing machines, magnetic resonators … if the input power supply is not stable, it is possible causing damage, or affecting the quality of equipment used, causing a great expense.

– In Vietnam at present, most expensive medical equipment has not been able to produce by itself but has to be imported from abroad with a large import cost, the total investment cost for equipment at hospitals is very high. They are also very large, so when damage occurs, the cost of repairing is extremely expensive.

– Imagine if in the operating room, or a patient in critical condition needs to be monitored by modern electronic systems that suddenly the power supply is suddenly disconnected, the entire system the hook stops working, the lighting source in the operating room is turned off, the surgical equipment is not working, the consequences will be extremely large and heavy.

So using ups power ups is the best solution to ensure a stable power source, and continuous, avoid unwanted incidents.

Using the UPS UPS for medical equipment in the operating room is essential

How to choose UPS ??

– UPS is a diverse product in terms of capacity, most medical devices use the UPS Online series to ensure a longer, safer power supply. Depending on the operating capacity, and the electrical capacity of each device, you can choose the appropriate UPS. ARES UPS Online has capacities ranging from 1KVA to 600KVA suitable for different types of machinery.

– For medical devices, ultrasound machines, analyzers, magnetic resonators, the Server can choose the UPS Online series with a capacity of 1KVA to 10KVA depending on the capacity of each device. If UPS is used for the entire electrical system of the hospital, you can choose the UPS with higher capacity to ensure longer power supply.

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